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Engineering for a Better Tomorrow

Innovating Towards a Better Future

Ecosense is committed in establishing zero carbon footprint communities by using innovative solutions to provide effective environmental solutions. We use technology for betterment of our environment carbon footprint while working towards reducing their impact on our ecosystem. Our projects are carried out by a group of experienced, knowledgeable and talented consultants and engineers who have a passion for transforming our communities to be environment friendly. With everything we design and implement at Ecosense, we always try to make sure we work with our community in mind. 

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About Us

Ecosense has been working with clients on a variety of innovative Environment engineering projects. Through our activities, we aim establish eco-friendly climate-neutral communities. Our main purpose is to serve our Earth by reducing damaging effects. Using science and engineering for betterment of our ecosystem. We work with industries, communities, governments and regulatory bodies.

Trees From Above
Sustainable Energy
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What We Do

A Thorough Approach

Water Disinfection

Water Treatment

For a clean and stable water supply


Plastics and Glass Waste Management

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Wetland Creation

For reclaiming deteriorated areas

Wetland Creation

Renewable Energy

Carbon Neutrality

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What We Do

A Thorough Approach

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Waste Recycling Uses

Minimize Rubber, Plastic, Glass and other Inorganic waste by reusing


Hydroponics & Aeroponics

Modern Farming Techniques

Carbon Positive Homes

Live with Nature

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Consulting Services

Every Step of the Way with You

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What We Offer

Wetland Creation

Wetland Creation and Restoration

Restoring Balance

Wetland creation is the construction of a wetland in places where none existed before. However, to do so, certain conditions need to be favorable to sustain a wetland. Hence, creation is more difficult than restoration. 
Wetland restoration reestablishes a degraded or depleted wetland. This is reversal of a trend of negative change. Creation or restoration of wetlands restores the eco-balance between growing human habitation and depleting ecosystems by re-establishing areas or reservoirs exclusive for nature and natural resources to continue.

Water Treatment

High Performance

Providing Water Treatment is vital to maintaining safety in most projects we undertake at Ecosense. Whether a project is in the Residential or Industrial sector Water Treatment is important in order to ensure that all engineering projects completed by our Environmental Engineering Firm are safe, stable, and built to last.
•With new integrated technologies and comprehensive service, Ecosense provides complete solutions for a clean and future-ready clean water solutions using both Sewage and Effluent Treatment Plants (STP & ETP) as well as Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP).
•Package STP  Precisely designed our Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant is used for treating sewage or effluent generated by hospitals, institutions/commercial buildings, large colonies, hotels and others. The entire package unit is skid mounted and can be installed near to the effluent /sewage receiving underground tank. The treated water can be reused in gardening, flushing or other non-potable uses.
•Effluent Treatment Plants These are water treatment systems specifically designed for the collective treatment of effluent generated from small-scale industrial facilities in an industrial cluster.
•Sewage Treatment Plants Essentially, a sewage treatment plant operates by circulating air to encourage the growth of bacteria to break down sewage. The output is much cleaner, more environmentally friendly effluent.
•Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) ZLD helps decrease your facility’s water footprint.

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Learn About Our Services

What We Offer

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Renewable Energy

Powered by Nature

Time has come for us to sunset dependency on fossil fuels to power our world energy requirements. There are 5 major natural areas which can lend us power if we are able to harness them - Wind, Sun, Geothermal heat and water (waves, rain etc.). These are the new sources of energy whose reserves can probably never be exhausted nor will it pollute the world.
We provide some of the latest techniques involved in solar and wind power energy for both consumer and commercial consumption. Tying up with local governments as well as World Energy Council, we are working within guidelines being developed by ISO and WEC. As member of WEC, we are also in the bleeding edge of development and innovation.

Ecofriendly building materials

Clean Earth

While it has been recognized that inorganic waste has become not just a nuisance but also threat to our ecology, the world is just waking up to understanding the possibilities of putting this waste to a better use than just dump and burn releasing more pollutants into our atmosphere. 
We, at Ecosense, connect with various research institutes to understand and bring into industry ideas where such inorganic waste can be put not just to good use but also be a necessity.
One such recycled solutions we bring is to use bricks for construction that have been recycled using discarded plastic and glass. While they are not only lighter than usual bricks due to the presence of plastic, their are also more durable and have a better  compressive strength. This makes them a better solution for construction in areas of high footfall (like pathways) or areas which are earthquake prone.
Similarly, recycled tires and other rubber waste is used for paving playgrounds and high strength playing courts for tennis, basketball and hockey courts. Apart from these, we bring into use well researched solutions using sustainable materials like bamboo, wicker, coir etc. for geo-appropriate construction.

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What We Do

A Thorough Approach

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Building self sustainable Cities & Communities


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Carbon Positive Communities Consulting

Leading with Passion

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