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What areas do you serve?

We serve every area - Residential or Industrial, that touches nature, Ecosystem and has a Carbon Footprint. There are myriad ways in which we are creating Carbon Footprint and need to reduce. Our aim is to join forces to make the world Carbon Positive.

How can I work at Ecosense?

Every hand helps in alleviating the Environmental situation we are in. We welcome volunteers and anyone who has a passion for this.

How do we contribute?

Every one of us has the duty to maintain the one and only Earth we have and not pollute it in anyway. We are happy to educate, guide and help people understand small ways in which we can reduce polluting the Earth. Reach out to us via email! Our blog section is coming soon!

What areas do you provide solutions in?

Our services page sets out our service areas clearly. We help in water treatment and recycling plants, Plastic and glass waster recycling to make reusable artifacts, recycling of tires and other rubber products, waste management to produce Biogas (from farmland, poultry, and other solid waste). Do get in touch with us for more information!

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